by Tom Ziglar

Will, Skill, and Refill

(Details on the Picture with Dad at the end)

Long-term, consistent, repeatable success depends on Will, Skill, and Refill.

Will – is the “want to,” the desire, passion, motivation inspiration to get it done.  Successful people and organizations realize that without the right attitude to make it happen, it’s not going to happen.  You can have all of the talent, all of the skill, all of the knowledge, but if you don’t have the Will to take the field you will never win the game.

Skill – is the “how to,” the technique, the process, the X’s and O’s needed to get it done in the right way.  Having a great attitude and the willingness to do it is great but you will never achieve the level of success possible if you don’t have the skills necessary.

Refill – the constant and consistent reinforcement of the Will and the Skill.  There is no such thing as “one and done” when it comes to long-term, consistent, repeatable success.
How much time do you spend on developing your Will?  Your Skill?  How much time do you spend in Refill?

A Big Mistake – most people and companies focus first on Skill, then on Will, and seldom if ever on Refill.  This allocation of time and money is nearly backwards.  Actual application of what Skill is learned has more to do with Will and Refill than anything else.

Proof – through the years Ziglar has received literally thousands of testimonials from people and companies regarding our training products and services.  By actual count, for every one person who said “your speech or your event changed my life,, 100 people have said “listening to and/or reading your materials after the event over and over again changed my life.”

Refill the Will and the Skill will be applied!

Picture of Zig – Dad is taking a VO2 test to determine how efficiently his body is using the oxygen he is breathing.  At 83 Dad understands that the workout he did last week is not enough to keep him healthy for the rest of his life, so he Refills on the work out, and constantly seeks to add Skill and Will (why he uses a trainer in his workouts) to his workouts.  Like physical health, mental and spiritual health need Will, Skill, and Refill!

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8 Responses to “Will, Skill, and Refill”

  1. Troy Pate says:

    Outstanding post!
    The path to success in three steps. Anyone can handle three, if the desire is there. I have benefited my entire adult life from the teachings of Mr. Ziglar in my home life and career. I am revisiting these steps and will take my goals to the next level! Thanks Tom.

  2. Matt says:

    Refill reminds me of the famous Ziglar quote, “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Neither does bathing, that’s why we recommend it daily.”

  3. The one word that jumps in my mind as I read this is EVERYDAY! Refilling takes a mindset of consistent, daily action to maximize one’s potential.

  4. WP Themes says:

    Nice fill someone in on and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you on your information.

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  6. Verena says:

    Sounds a lot like the philosophy of Sumo-wrestling to me. But they say “shin” (will) “gi” (skill) and “tai” (body) – shingitai. :)

    I miss the “body” in willskillrefill.
    There are some great wrestlers out there, skillfully doing their best with an iron-like will…but if the body doesn’t become a Sumo-body, nothing can be done.

  7. R G Rowley says:

    The company I once worked for, Guidant, now another name, urged us employees to see Mr. Ziggler talk at the Shark Tank in San Jose. I bought his book Over the Top and he autographed it. Zig Ziggler was busy signing and I was shy yet he was kind in shaking my hand with power in his eyes. The year 1997 and with his autograph was also written Eph. 28-9.

    I saw Mr. Zig Ziggler again in 2003 after changing my career from biomedical into real estate. Mr. Zigger again signed his book of that time Closing the Sale and wrote Rom. 10-9. That time I carried with me his C.D.’s for Over the Top, Raising Kids…, Goals…, and Marriage…, but I did not listen until this year 2010. The automobile university is now positively turning my life around from…well lets say it’s helping me to release my baggage from my dysfunctional childhood family issues.

    After his autographing of Closing the Sale, he had a few more seconds to look me in the eye with his strength and his love. Most likely he did not remember me yet I felt his warmth and God looking at me. Again I was shy because of my baggage.

    Happy to say that I commute with positive power 4 hours round trip, to and from work, listening to his C.D.’s
    I long lost my Personal Commitment Cards, but Zig Ziggler’s Company believe in his process so greatly that I was able to download the PDF’s from their website.

    In San Jose on both seminars I visited, Mr. Ziggler was first with Colon Powell and Bill Walsh. Mr. Bill Walsh, on the day prior, lost his wife to cancer. Mr. Collon and Mr. Walsh were pictures of strength. Mr. Ziggler followed up with more vigor and love while being animated and humorous.

    The 2nd time I saw Mr. Ziggler in San Jose it was with Mr. Tom Hopkins of Real Estate and others. I still did not fully understand the books. The C.D’s changed all that for now I am reading the books and listening to C.D.’s in Automobile University.

    I wrote much now without saying much. I am working on the goals sheets so I may go the next step. I try not to think of why I waited, but as I paraphrazed Zig; We are where we are because that is where we want to be. I believe Mr. Ziggler was quoting his mentor Mr. Fred Smith here.

    Today I want to be in a different place, but it began 3 months ago with automobile university and Ziggler C.D.’s. There is not a better way to pass idle time in commuting or standing in line at the DMV than doing reading and listening to Mr. Ziggler.

    What a blessing for us all that Zig had a wonderfully wise mother and that he married a loving, funny, supportivly nurturing wife in the “Red Head” Mrs. Ziggler. Mostly what a blessing for Mr. Ziggler to have the above. May we all have such blessings.

    Okay, thank you for looking me in the eye with compassion Mr. Ziggler. I will follow your lead. RGR

  8. R G Rowley says:

    My favorite Zig Ziggler quote is, “You gotta ‘be’ before you can ‘do’, and you gotta ‘do’ before you can ‘have’.”

    I quoted him with this on my facebook with hopes to spread his word.

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