by Tom Ziglar

Nobody on Zig Ziglar’s email list needs Viagra!

This past Saturday, August 28th, I got a strange email from the Ziglar Online Store.  It was announcing that Ziglar was opening a new online store and it gave a link where you could take advantage of some great deals.  Wondering what our team was up to, I clicked on that link and discovered that you could get some great deals on Viagra.  Well, nobody on our list needs Viagra.  We had been hacked!

Immediately we sent out the following message to our list:

Our Apologies

You may have received an email from stating we have opened a new store and to click on a link within the email.  Do not click the link. Our site has been hacked and this was sent without our permission. Plus, we know for a fact that nobody on the Ziglar list would ever need Viagra! Please accept our apologies as we get this situation taken care of.

The subject heading is: New Store Opening

We apologize if this has caused you an inconvenience and we are diligently working to make sure that our list is secure.

Thank you to those who alerted us to the problem.

Tom Ziglar

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What a shame that we live in a time where hackers will do this.  Yet, what a blessing when you learn how great the people are who are on your list.  We got many great comments back from our followers who got our apology.  Below are a few that you may enjoy.

Here are two lessons learned:

  1. No matter how prepared you are and how many fortifications you have built, some people can still get through and cause havoc in your life.  How you respond to this makes all of the difference.
  2. When you are transparent, take immediate action, and throw in a bit of humor, people will reach out and encourage you when you are going through a difficulty.

Check out these responses to our Apology:

I wish people could find better uses for their talents than doing stuff as you expressed. How are you these days, Tom – how goes the world and the Ziglar family?  How is your dad? Take care and create a blessed day!  Harry

Thanks for the feedback Tom.  Love to your family.  Allan and Abralyn

So I shouldn’t have ordered a case of Viagra and Oxycotin?  (This one came from my cousin who I will not name!)

“Plus, we know for a fact that nobody on the Ziglar list would ever need Viagra!”    LOL  I almost fell on the floor Tom…literally!   Thanks for the ‘heads-up’, and the great sense of humor…indeed.    Don

We all need a little help sometime. Steve

Thanks Tom. How “upstanding” of you to catch this. I hadn’t opened it. I hope all is well with you and the family. It was a hot summer for camp, but I’m sure you folks handled it well.  God bless you and thanks for your noble pursuits.  Bob

HA now that joke came from Zig-hehe.  No problem.  I hope Zig is doing great and my love to the redhead.  Victoria

That is the cutest apology that I have ever heard.  Don’t feel bad they did the same thing to me two years ago from my personal email.  Kim

No one is immune, Tom! Unbelievable… Please tell your Mom and Dad we say hi, and we always keep your family in our daily prayers.  All the Best, Jack

You’re confident tom! “nobody on our list would ever need viagra” LOL  Good to see sense of humor.  Email ignored, rest of your useful info filled away for leisure reading!  S

Aloha Tom, not to worry. because of my past association, ongoing experiences, and knowing the character and consistent efforts of Zig and this newsletter, i immediately sensed that an imposter was responsible for the email.  i appreciate the quick response and know that the Ziglar group will again, ‘make is so’!!!  LivLuvLaf,  spenze

What seemed like the ruining of a great Saturday dealing with this mess has turned into a humorous way to get connected with our readers.  Please leave a comment below if you want to join the fun!

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2 Responses to “Nobody on Zig Ziglar’s email list needs Viagra!”

  1. Glenda says:

    While I didn’t receive the email, I did get the Twitter, so “had” to read the blog to see what the flutter was about. :) I’m sure enough people have been dealing w/this in their personal email that they didn’t think twice about it. You are a first class group of people – love your “stuff!”

  2. Margaret says:

    Blessings to your cousin for supporting the hacker LOL – joking apart, I was feeling a little low this morning and coming across your tweets and this site has brightened my day.

    Having had a website hacked recently, I understand the frustration.


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