by Tom Ziglar

How I Lost 80 Pounds The Pure and Simple Way

If you have read my blog you know I wrote several posts about how I lost 80 pounds eating only Pure and Simple foods. I am doing a webcast July 13 and if you would like to hear my story I would love for you come. You can register for free Ziglar Success 2.0 webcast right HERE.  Don’t miss the video of me stripping! I still cant believe I did that in front of a business audience. Don’t worry, its G-Rated and Zig approved.

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3 Responses to “How I Lost 80 Pounds The Pure and Simple Way”

  1. Lisa Kasper says:

    I am very interested in this seminar, however I am unable to attend at that specific time. Do you archive shows or am I able to listen at a later time?
    Thank you.
    Lisa Kasper

  2. John Guava says:

    I missed the broadcast of the Pure and Simple webcast. Is it archived somewhere for me to view. Many thanks.


  3. Tom Ziglar says:

    Yes, If you are a member of Ziglar Success 2.0 you can watch the Pure and Simple webcast anytime you want in our Success Institute.

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